Subject: Re: Wanted: A primer on Cruising
Hi, ziners. Lucy asked if there are any other ziners who have cruised in Asian waters. Yes, I have -- in January 2001. I sailed with Royal Caribbean (Legend of the Seas) from Singapore to 3 places in Thailand, to Malaysia, back to Singapore, to Vietnam, and back to Singapore. It was a 2-week cruise, and I loved it. It's been my favorite cruise so far. I found Southeast Asia to be so interesting, and the people were very friendly. My favorite country was Thailand -- it is so clean and exotic-- so many gilded palaces and temples that you feel like you're in a fairy tale. The prices are so low, too. You can get many things a fraction of the cost that they are here. I got a beautiful Thai silk long skirt for $12 from a vendor at one of the temples!

Diana San Diego, California