Subject: Re: Single Travelers: supplements and tips
Hi everyone,

I just returned last week from my first solo trip. To test the waters I chose Quebec City because French is their first language and it's a little touch of Europe. A very old city with lots of history and things to do.I cannot speak or read French and yet was comfortable from the moment I arrived.

I ate dinner early before the crowds and leisurely journalized or did crosswords while enjoying my coffee. My hotel was in a very central location where I could walk everywhere (day or night). This was very important, as I never felt confined to my room at night.

I suggest you practice being a solo traveler in your own area - go to a play or movie on your own, eat meals in restaurants by yourself. Doing these things alone will become comfortable with practice.

My solo trip to Quebec City was such a positive and enjoyable experience, I'm now ready for Europe.

Marlene New Westminster B.C.