Subject: Re: European city, beautiful countryside with water!
Hi Ziners,

I'm going to make a suggestion no one probably thought of: Helsinki. This is a fairly small city for a world capital, with friendly people who all speak English. The city is half countryside already, with lots of water everywhere. The real countryside intrudes into the metro area everywhere, pretty much by law, and a good train system can take you out to the country very easily even for just a day. The lake district in the east ot Finland is accessible and consists of interconnected chains of lakes.

The central area of Helsinki is pretty compact and easy to get around in on foot, plus the city has a marvelous transit system. No spectacular tourist atractions, no must sees that friends will jibe at you for missing, though, just a relaxed place.

And you can take a day ferry to Tallinn in Estonia where the medieval old town is marvelous (unfortunately for visitors and fortunately for the Estonians, the old town is getting a bit too touristified).

Regards, DAVE HATUNEN Tucson Arizona, out where the cacti grow