Subject: Canada Trip & Toronto GTG
Hi -

Susan and I just returned from our trip to Canada, which ended with a wonderful GTG in Toronto (Linda is so quick that the pictures were up on the website before we got home the next day!). I had written to Linda that I was disappointed we would miss the Boston GTG because we would be in Canada, and also miss the Toronto GTG because we would already be back home. No problem for Linda...she just arranged another GTG to fit our schedule in Toronto! As always, the GTG was wonderful with great food and company, and the best part was getting to meet other Ziners and match faces to names. Thanks for the very special end to our Canadian vacation.

We had a wonderful time in Canada. We had always wanted to go to Toronto, and decided to make it a longer trip and also go to Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa. We loved each city and how different they are from each other. We spent time in Old Montreal just walking around enjoying the atmosphere. We also sampled the smoked meat sandwiches at Schwartz's and tried the Montreal bagels, which are really quite different from the New York ones. Quebec City was beautiful and charming. We stayed at the Chateau Frontenac, which looms over the city and is featured in every picture I have ever seen of Quebec. The location couldn't have been better and we just walked and walked all over the Upper and Lower Town. The crepes were so good we had them for lunch and dinner! Ottawa was a delightful surprise (a surprise because we had never heard much about it). We took a tour of the very impressive Parliament building and also went to the Museum of Civilization, which is spectacular. Our trip ended with Toronto, and I have to say that Toronto was our favorite. We had hesitated about visiting Toronto because of SARS, but after a lot of research, and reassurance from Linda, we decided to go. We're so glad we did because once we got there, it was easy to forget about SARS and just enjoy this fabulous city. We spent a lot of time walking and exploring. The weather was so gorgeous we hated to go inside, but we wanted to check out at least a few museums. We chose the Bata Shoe Museum, which has a fascinating exhibit about the history of shoes (along with a fun celebrity shoe exhibit), and the Royal Ontario Museum, which was impressive in spite of many galleries being closed for renovation. We have already decided that we need to come back because there is so much more to see and do there.

Thanks again to Don and Linda for organizing a GTG just for us! :)

Jamie Natick, MA