Subject: Re: Wanted: A primer on Cruising
Hello Fellow Ziners,

I've cruised on different sizes of vessels and very different itineraries, but I'd have to say my favorite was the Atlantic crossing on the QEII. I have to laugh when I hear people say they wouldn't take a cruise because it would be too boring. I guess they think people still spend all their time sitting in deck chairs (as in the old movies) until it's time to don the tuxedos and gowns for dinner. I thought the balance of formal to casual was about right, the service was superb and, of course, the food wonderful -- though I will never understand how anyone can enjoy the midnight buffet (or how they sleep afterward) considering the kind of dinners they serve.

As for boredom, there is so much to do we found ourselves having to choose between several options. The movie in the very attractive theatre changed each day, and they were recent movies we really wanted to see. There were so many really interesting classes and lectures by experts that you didn't want to miss. Just lots of fun things to do in addition to the really first rate shows in the evenings -- a really good variety so that everyone should have found their favorite type of entertainment. I certainly recommend it. However, it seems this is the last year for trans-Atlantic crossings for the Queen, though she will still be sailing.

I'd do it again next week if I could.

Happy cruising to all, Lou Matthews (Lakeway, TX)