Subject: Re: Hooray for summer and... bug sprays
Hi Lucy,

You wrote: ...becoming re-aquainted with the duck families, listening to the loons, and watching the fishermen at sunrise (and packing plenty of OFF!).

Sounds great, but perhaps I might recommend Ben's. It contains deet (not attractive stuff) but medically, it's been recommended to really ward off those pesky little creatures. It also works for tics. It protects for up to 10 hours and I use it always when hiking or I'm in the woods or wherever I need protection. I have never seen this in drug stores with the bug sprays but I've always found it in hiking stores like REI, EMS, etc. I have found, for me, it's really the best stuff. I try to put it on before leaving our room when we're ready to hike so that I can wash my hands. Good luck and have a great time!

Have fun!!! Susie Newton, MA