Subject: Travelling with my daughter
Hello again Ziners,

My daughter is getting itchy feet and says she would like to go on a trip with me for her 30th birthday. Two places we are considering are the Algarve in Portugal, and France outside of Paris to the south.

Does anyone have any suggestions to make about what we should consider about each destination, for two women travelling together? We would rent a car in either place. She speaks a fair amount of French, and I didn't have any trouble in Portugal with my very few words of Portugese, so language isn't really an issue.

I am mostly thinking about safety and how two women would be treated. Any tips would also be appreciated. I'll be searching the archives to see if this topic has been discussed.

Are B&Bs popular in France?

Thanks for any suggestions that would help us make a decision. Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada