Subject: Re: Travelling with my daughter
Hi Nancy,

Oh to have your problem! I personally would choose France without hesitation. A friend and I did this a few years ago ('99 to be exact) -- picked up the car when ready to leave Paris and drove to Vaux le Vicomte which we loved (hope my spelling isn't too far off). From there, we drove to Fontainebleau for the night and then on to Vezelay (pretty much a one-road-up-the-mountain place, with a great cathedral overlooking the area) because we were lunching at Marc Meneau's restaurant in St. Pere -- an even smaller town two miles out of Vezelay. Lunch was an 8-course, 3-1/2 hour affair, incredible, and lasted several days before we were really hungry again. Marc Meneau had opened a B& B in the old home where his restaurant is located and we had booked there. We loved it.

On to Beaune the next day and then several days in Lyon area. Since both of us had been to Provence earlier in the year, we didn't venture further south, but returned a different route enjoying (immensely) Gevrey-Chambertin and then on to the Champagne area before returning to Paris for the trip home.

No problems at all of two women traveling alone. My friend had problems with the stick-shift she insisted on for economy, and that led to a few hair-raising moments, but we never felt insecure even when we were out and about at night, either driving late or just to go to dinner. It was a marvelous trip and, with enough luck, I will do it again next spring with a different friend (who is accustomed to driving a sports car in California).

Bon voyage, Lou Matthews (Lakeway, TX)