Subject: Everybody should have my problems
Dear Ziners I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment. August 1st, I leave for Ecuador and Galapagos for 3 weeks. Fortunately that is set. Then September 18 for Italy with a friend, for 2 1/2 weeks then on November 4 to S.Africa with my brother for 18 days.

Why I am feeling overwhelmed is that I am in charge of planning both Italy and South Africa. I need your help.

1.This is the basic outline, a friend of mine, another Swedish woman of a certain age, and I will be going to Rome for a couple of days. We'll take the train to Naples where we will rent a car and drive down the Amalfi coast, cut across to Bari and up the Adriatic coast to return the car in Rome. Am totally unfamiliar with the Adriatic coast or towns in between. The trip needs to be done somewhat economically but not exactly bare bones, hot water is essential. Since so many of you are really familiar with nice places that are not necessarily 4 star+ I would really appreciate suggestions how to do this without breaking the proverbial bank.

If there are some do not miss, restaurants, towns or sights even better. We have no agenda except this is probably the route planned for this time. We really would like some beach time as well.

2. My brother lives in Sweden and I in NYC we will meet up in J-burg then rent a car to Kruger Park and stay at a lodge for 1 night (according to him that is all you need to see the animals) He also claims that it is very sanitized much more so than Kenya. Then we would probably leave the car fly back to J-burg to catch a flight to Cape Town and tour that area for 2 weeks. The same criteria as fort Italy would work. Alittle bit of culture, lots of good food some interesting sightseeing and if possible beaching. All suggestions will be most welcome.

Fanny in a very sunny nice NYC