Subject: Re: Travelling with my daughter
Hi Nancy & Ziners, My vote is for France, though I'm sure you'll have a great time whichever you choose. You asked if B& Bs are popular in France...they are called Gites de France there. You can search them online at They also have booklets they can mail you if you prefer. This is how I found two of the places we stayed last month. They are affordable and give you a better appreciation of the culture than a generic hotel. Many offer a table de hote - or host's table - for dinner and I would highly recommend taking advantage of it.

We found it difficult to find restaurants that were open in the smaller towns we traveled through so taking advantage of the host's table was a great option. A three hour affair with French speaking tablemates, we had wonderful regional food and interesting conversation (through a little French, a little English, a large French dictionary and sign language!)

Have a terrific time! Jennie in Atlanta (member search Jennie)