Subject: Re: Hooray for summer
Hi Candice:

I've been making notes of all the cruise information that has been on the Zine as I, too, am hopefully off on a 26-day cruise but not until November - embarking in Venice. (Will have lots of questions nearer the date and when Ziners are back from their summer trips to Europe). As one of our ports of call is Cadiz (Seville), I hope you'll have some recommendations for sightseeing - at the moment I'm pouring over travel books. I've never taken an organized tour by the ship - we've always found an English speaking driver in the port and rented a car for the day.

You mention calling at the Channel Islands - do you know which one? I spent a week on each of Jersey and Guernsey hiking a couple of years ago. Guernsey has a lovely harbour but my absolute fave place of our time there was Herm - utter paradise if you like to stroll on grassy knolls and along a deserted beach.

Barbara Toronto