Subject: Re: Paris Info
Elizabeth and Ziners,

Aren't Elizabeth's photos of Paris wonderful? I would like to learn how to display *my* photos at a Web site like that. However, I have a PC. Does anyone know I would get a Web site and how I would display them the same way as Elizabeth did with a Mac?

Elizabeth, I'll be staying for a short time at the Hotel du Louvre, across from the museum. Any restaurants you can recommend around there? Thanks.

After that, I'll be staying at the Sheraton at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, and then we're spending our last 3 days in the Paris area at Versailles.

I've been watching the weather report for Paris, and the highs seem to swing from 90 degrees down to high 70s, so I'm going to be prepared for cooler *or* hot weather. Mostly I'll be bringing sleeveless or short-sleeved things that I can layer with a sweater or jacket.

I'm going to be keeping a journal on the trip so that I can write up an accurate account of what happens to me. Good stuff, I hope.

Diana San Diego, California