Subject: Re: Travelling with my daughter
Hi Nancy and All, I just read the following and had a comment:

That is one thing that she has stipulated--wherever we go, we will pay the extra for an automatic.

Be aware that even if you are willing to pay extra for an automatic it may not be available. I don't drive a stick shift either and searched tirelessly for an automatic option months before our trip. We were picking up in Tours, France and dropping off at CDG, Paris. I tried several different companies and none could give me an auto out of Tours or Chartres. I could get one out of Paris but it would have been $700 vs $300 for the week. Luckily, my husband drives a stick and I convinced him to do all the driving. I'm a better navigator anyway!

Just wanted to mention the challenges I had so you wouldn't be caught by surprise. Be prepared to change your itinerary and pay quite a bit more for the automatic. Hopefully you'll have better luck! Jennie in Atlanta