Subject: Reggio Emilia

it looks like I'm the only Italian Ziner around, so I feel compelled to reply. Reggio Emilia, a.k.a. Reggio nell'Emilia, is a nice little town located in the great central plain called Pianura Padana, where the Po, the largest Italian river, flows. The town itself has some interesting old buildings and the scenery of the great flatlands has its own beauty, especially in fall when the fog rises from the rivers and canals, but I'd say the focus points are two: the food and the location. Emilia is the name of the region where traditional North Italian cuisine has its fulcrum: it is the land of homemade lasagne and tortellini, the parmigiano cheese, the Parma ham, the Lambrusco red sparkling wine. Down there, every little trattoria prepares and cooks its specialties and it's worth a stop. And the location can't be better: the motorways take you in a short time to Bologna and Parma, Milan is one hour away, Venice and Florence not more than two hours by car. The climate is a bit extreme, hot in summer and cold in winter, but you can realy take a lot of day or weekend trips from there. Hope this helps!

Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy