Subject: Re: Markets, markets everywhere ...
Hi Market Ziners I'd have to recommend the markets of central Kathmandu. The vendors sell food, but the market has the most lovely flowers. The Nepalese are predominantly Buddhist and they bring garlands of flowers to the temples where they worship. The flowers are predominantly golden and deep orange/red. The effect is stunning.

Of special interest is the bead market. Nepalese women often bring strings of beads to the women of the household when they visit. It's a lovely custom that I duplicated by buying bead necklaces for all of the women in my office. When I gave them away, I explained the custom and everyone was touched at this special souvenir of my trip. I bought some for myself and when I wear them, I remember this wonderful trip. And all for less than $20.00.

Another special market is in Nice, where again, we saw some of the most interesting flowers in all colours, shapes and sizes. For food and typical Provencal products, I'd recommend the market of Ile Sur Sorgue in Provence.

Finally, closer to home, the St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto is a Saturday outing here. You can buy fresh farmers' produce, imported foods of all sorts, herbs and spices, noodles, teas and coffees, delicious breads and some of the best cheese the world has to offer. The butchers and fishmongers' products are high quality. All right here in Toronto. There are crafts on offer as well. We are so lucky. Oh, and you can nosh on a Canadian bacon sandwich - a St. Lawrence tradition - while you cruise the food stalls. Lucy in Toronto (and a St. Lawrence shopper for over 20 years)