Subject: Re: Travelling with my daughter
Hi Fellow France Lovers,

We found that Hertz (reserving here in the States) would do a 4-door automatic at about $100 more for a 10- or 12-day rental. That was November '99. Don't know what it would be now, but my friend opted for the stick shift. So I didn't drive....didn't really want to anyway, and I didn't need that extra ten years she scared out of me. Also, the morning she went to pick it up, they didn't have the type car she had reserved and she had to take the Metro to a different location to get the car she wanted (that was large enough). So don't plan too much for the day you leave Paris --- just in case. Ours worked out well and we loved it, delay and all.

Also, be sure you know the French words for the various types of petrol before you pull into the first station to fill up. It can be confusing.

One thing I would mention. We NEVER DID find the proper entrance to CDG to return the car to Hertz. In our frustration, we finally just went into the airport, parked and went to the desk and told them where it was. They were very nice about it and said not to worry. They would retreive it. I have heard others, usually very savvy, who have had the same problem. Does anyone know the secret of returning rental cars to CDG? Or is that a dumb question? Just wondering, since I hope to have that problem again next spring.

Enjoying every post about France and/or Italy. Lou Matthews (Lakeway, TX)