Subject: Re: Markets, markets everywhere ...
Hi Cova and Other Zine Market Lovers,

Since food is one of my passions, markets are always a hit with me wherever I travel. We especially loved the ones in France: Annecy, with all the wonderful local cheeses and fruits -- a fresh baguette -- what more could you want? The new market building in Avignon (I think) was wonderful. I didn't know how much a kilo was and bought enough Ranier cherries for a large family -- and then some.

But one of my favorites has to be the Floating Market in Bangkok. Oh my, what wonderful finds -- from big bunches of orchids (for about $1) to forbidden crocodile handbags, beautifully made, and every imaginable thing made in silk or leather, as well as many handmade craft items. If you go to Bangkok, they won't let you miss it. Just be sure you allow enough time, and plenty of baht to pay for all the neat things.

Lou (Lakeway, TX)