Subject: Re: Markets, markets everywhere ...
Hi Ziners On reading the markets responses, I'm wondering why the best markets seem to be in Europe and Asia. I had forgotten about the Annecy market. We checked into our room late at night, the street was quiet, then awoke early in the morning to the sounds of folks setting up their stalls below our window.

The floating markets in Bangkok are amazing. The flower stalls in Covent Garden are so much fun. Hong Kong's markets aren't for the faint of heart but must be experienced. It seems that every town in France and Italy has a market day and the gypsy markets in eastern Europe appear without warning.

Perhaps we have too many established markets and grocery stores in North America. Or maybe the rest of the world is closer to its farming roots that we are here. We have Granville Market in Vancouver, B.C., and a very good market in Jackson Square in Hamilton, Ontario.

Are there ziners in the Canadian or American midwest who can share their market experiences? What about the Caribbean?

Lucy (willing to travel anywhere where I can buy quality local product)