Subject: What reminds you of your travels?
Hi Ziners, We've just come home from a great meal at Tutti Matti, in Toronto, and our conversation inevitably got around to memories of travelling. The warm weather brings this out in North Americans, particularly those of us who live in the colder areas. Tutti Matti serves Tuscan food, so of course, we spent a lot of our evening talking about the Mediterranean.

The shoes I was wearing are from a shop in Key West called Kino - inexpensive, hand made and oh so comfortable. But it made me think about the small things thar remind us of the places we've been. A meal, a bottle of wine, a polite waiter, a smell, a noise. There are everyday experiences that we have that bring back memories of our travels. What are they and and would you recommend that other Ziners visit or not? Lucy in Toronto wearing sandals from Key West