Subject: Re: Paris Info
Hi Diana,

Yes, of course bring a light sweater with you as well as an umbrella. But one of the things love about Paris is that I don't have to dress for the indoors! In other words, if it's 80 degree's outside, I don't have to bring a sweater because the restaurants will be so overly airconditioned I wish I had a coat with me! Places do have a/c and it's used to make the place pleasant not frozen.

Diagonally across the street from your hotel is a big sidwalk cafe (it wraps around the corner). It's owned by the Costes Bros. (who own the Costes Hotel near you) and it's a nice place for lunch or dinner.

You'll also be near the rue de Rivoli, so don't miss an opportunity to visit Angelina's. They're very famous for their hot chocolate and you can have a light lunch or dinner there as well. They also have a take-away counter for pastries - though for that, I think LaDuree is alot better.

Candice NYC