Subject: Re: Markets, markets everywhere ...
Hi Ziners,

In the city of Chicago, we have something closer to the European model, at least as to schedule.

There are farmer's markets here every day of the week. In my neighborhood, there is a Tuesday market within walking distance, and a Saturday market a bit further. At my Tuesday market, there is a Cuban baker, a beef rancher, several vegetable farmers, two fruit farmers, flowers and plants, mushrooms, and one farmer who sells only herbs and some greens.

Some of the markets are much bigger, I sometimes go to the Lincoln Park market on Saturday, where they have more bakeries and cheese vendors. One market, on Wednesday, sells only high-end organic produce and specialty foods.

Yesterday I bought delicious Michigan strawberries from the same farmer I buy from every week. We have a relationship, sharing recipes, family news, etc. My daughter and dog accompany me on Tuesday, and we frequently run into friends and neighbors, so to me, its just like when I lived in France. I always wanted to live in a big city AND a small (european) village, here I have both. The city government organized the markets, so they get the credit for doing something right!

More well known are the very large markets held in Evanston, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday mornings. It would take one all morning to see everything sold there.

Thanks for letting me share.

Ciao, Elizabeth, in Chicago