Subject: Re: New photos from Italy

Alex's photos of Europe are stunning & the website is beautifully done. It's WOW. Thanks for sharing. Did you design & build the site yourself, Alex? How long did the actual production of the site take?

As I am collecting more & more digital images, I fear for the long-term life of the prints I make on my home printer. The images are stored on CDs of course & backed up from my hard drive, but I want stuff for the physical hold-in-my-hands albums. Do any of you send off digital images to an online service which makes prints or enlargements, & if so, what one do you recommend? I think I wouldn't send all my images off for professional printing, but maybe I'd even do that if the printed image would last longer. I;ve had some of my earliest home-printed images fade when exposed to sunlight for any period of time & I am most disappointed.

Gail In Eugene