Subject: Returning car to CDG
Hi Lou & Ziners, I was so glad to read your post about returning the car to CDG...I thought it was just me! We managed to find the parking garage where we were to return the car but never could find anyone to check the car in! My poor husband had to manuever around that tiny garage (sometimes in reverse with other cars coming) several times before we did the same thing you did...found an empty spot with a National sign, parked it and wrote down the space number. Of course, that wasn't the end of it. We started walking around the garage to find the National check in booth and we got separated. So, we spent another 10 minutes or so trying to find each other again. Finally we took the elevator to the arrivals floor (lucky guess) and turned in our keys at the National desk inside. (We weren't the only ones confused...we ran into another family waiting for the elevator that was just as confused!)

What's confusing is: 1. You take a ticket from the machine when you enter the parking garage. Then, the entrance to the rental car return center has a clear do not enter sign and underneath, in French, is where it says except rental car returns. (My translation wasn't fast enough to catch that until after we had passed it!) So, you enter there and put in your ticket to raise the gate (you don't pay anything). 2. Once inside there are no check in booths like in the US (except for Hertz). I assume we did it right by just parking in an empty space. 3. There are no signs - in French or English - to tell you how to return the car (where to leave it and where to go, etc.)

Oh well...we managed and it gave us a good story to tell! Jennie in Atlanta