Subject: Re: British Narrowboats

While we haven't rented boats in Britain, we did rent a canal boat (my husband was the captain and I the crew) last June for 2 weeks in France. It was quite an adventure for us. It would have been easier if we had one more crew member but all in all we managed just fine. There is no need to worry about motion sickness on a canal. We enjoyed ourselves even more after the trip was over just thinking about the adventure. So much so that we're renting again this September for 2 weeks. This time it'll be on the Belgium canals. There a number of rental agents for self drive boats. Just go into a search engine and search for "self drive canal boat rentals" or something like that. We're using LeBoat this year. All of what I said just covers someone who wants to do a self-drive. If you want to leave the driving to others, this response won't help much!

With kindest regards to all, Jane, Boca Raton