Subject: Re: Travelling with my daughter
Hello Lou and All,

>We found that Hertz (reserving here in the States) would do a 4-door
>automatic at about $100 more for a 10- or 12-day rental. That was November

Although I had read here that Dan Dooley had the best prices for Ireland, we got a better price than their quote, through Hertz. Our travel agent phoned her contact and he came up with a much better deal. A lot of people make all their arrangements by themselves on the Internet, but I go with a travel agent for saving time and money.

>One thing I would mention. We NEVER DID find the proper entrance to CDG to
>return the car to Hertz. In our frustration, we finally just went into the
>airport, parked and went to the desk and told them where it was. They were
>very nice about it and said not to worry.

It's nice of you to tell me this, because I would panic if I had to be at the ticket counter 2 hours before the flight and I couldn't find the car rental place. It is interesting and helpful to hear how people handle unexpected situations so that they don't turn into disasters.

Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada