Subject: Re: Markets, markets everywhere ...

We are also market enthusiasts, and seek out the local street or special markets wherever we go.

Some of our most memorable markets are: The farmers market in Hilo, Hawaii, a most fantastic display of flowers; the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto on Saturday morning, a wonderful place!; the street market in Antwerp, Belgium, we just stumbled on the great market; Portobello Market in London on a Saturday morning, a complete experience; the Swap Meet in Kahului, Maui every Saturday morning, a fine place to buy those going home gifts; the weekly market in Morton in Marsh, Cotswolds, England, most of the Cotswold towns have a wonderful weekly market; the St. Albans Market, suburb of London, Wednesday or Saturday, the day we were there it poured, and we felt sorry for the vendors, but we're sure they have been there done that, and the sun did finally breakthrough.

Going to a local outdoor market is getting a glimpse of the people and culture in that area, besides getting some really good buys.

Bob and Lynn Wolff