Subject: Re: Markets, markets, markets
Hi to all Ziners,

Market nominations!

Chatuchaik weekend market in Bangkok (also called "Talaat Jatujak" by locals, literally has hundreds and hundreds of stalls - the last time I was there I spent 5 hours and maybe covered about 20% of them.

The Nancy Chandler map does have a color coded map of the various areas of the market divided according to the main items (like 70%)that are sold in each area. Next year when (hopefully) the Bangkok subway is completed, there will be a stop right there.

In another responseto markets, someone mentioned the floating market in Thailand. There is one in Bangkok but the one some distance southwest of the city at Damnoen Saduak it far superior.

On the more unusual side, Tsukiji - the world's largest fish market in Tokyo is fascinating. About 10 years ago, 15,000 people were employed there in 1,200 wholesale shops or related enterprises. The auction commences around 5 a.m. and lasts about 1 hour. The best action for tourists to see is between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m. WATCH OUT for the electric carts that zoom all over.

Other top spots go to the Spice Market in Istanbul, and my all time favorites, the Christmas Markets that are held all over Europe - they glitter, they dazzle, people are out for a good time, the food is fabulous, friends are sharing some hot gluwein in the cold of December, Christmas trees and boughs are decorated and thousands of beautiful gifts and calling your name and saying, "Buy me, buy me"!

The only Christmas Market to skip (that I have found) is Rome. All there is for sale is slocky (spelling?) commercial goods.

Harlene in Madison, WI.