Subject: Re: Scandinavia, Baltic and St. Petersburg tour
Hello Ziners, Thanks to Linda, Bruce, Barbara, Angie, Tom and Gary for your reply. Indeed I am also concerned that there may not be enough time to visit a city during any of the port calls. From what I read in the "Ship Review" off a ship may not be able to dock according to schedule, but may dock much later during the day for no fault of their own, thus, the window of time to visit a city may shrink to even less than scheduled.

Therefore, I am leaning toward a 17-day Scandinavian land tour package, offered with a 4-night pre-trip extension to St. Petersburg. This way I will have St. Petersburg and all Scandinavian capitals covered with reasonable amount of time. The only problem is that this tour is sold out for the remainder of 2003, there are no seats available for four person in 2003. So I will have to wait till May of 2004, but that is almost a year away from now!

I have saved Tom Cobban's travelogue to St. Petersburg posted in 7/2002, as well as more recent post by David Hatunen on Baltic region. I also read Marghe and Marty's post about their trip to Scandinavia from July-Sept of 2000. The weather was very cold and wet during the two months they were there. I hope May is a better month to visit Scandinavian, weather-wise.

On to Oosterdam, the new 1848-passenger ship from Holland America, is currently offering free airfare to fly passengers to board the ship and then fly them home after disembarkment. I do not know if the free airfare offer is limited to Oosterdam's Northern Europe route only or to all its routes.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)