Subject: Adapters in Europe (was Vienna, Prague, and Budapest Questions)
Bob and Lynn,

You will not need a converter for the laptop because that AC Adapter "brick" that you have runs on both 110 and 220 voltage. As you noted, you will need a plug adapter so that the flat US plugs will fit the round European outlets. I would strongly recommend that you get a grounded plug adapter for the laptop. The last thing you want to happen on your trip is for a power surge to zap your computer. A grounded adapter should only cost about $7.

The telephone plugs are also different in Europe than our standard RJ 11 clip in the US. In fact, they are different in almost every country! So you may need one each for Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. But these are also relatively inexpensive.

I ordered all of my electrical adapters from Walkabout Travel. You can see their electrical adapters at:

and the telephone adapters at:

These are fabulous pages for people travelling with electronics because they describe graphically and in clear terms the requirements for various parts of the world. The people at this company are nice and helpful when you speak with them in person as well.

Have a great trip!

Mark Los Angeles