Subject: Paris Hotel Choice and coffee
Greetings Ziners

We have been offered three decent hotel choices in Paris: The Muguet Hotel Clement Hotel Palais du Bourbon

The best price is at The Muguet; we are attracted to the Hotel Clement because of its location; we know the Palais du Bourbon (shocking price increase since 2002). We would like to hear anyone's feedback on our choices.

Linda, Felice and Graziella, I believe you have stayed at the Hotel Clement. I would appreciate all comments.

Now, I have to confess that we can't move in the morning without coffee. I know many people like to take their breakfast at a cafe in Paris, but we really can't get dressed without morning coffee. In the US, we either have rooms with coffee makers, or carry our little coffee maker with us.

My question is this: can one buy a small electric coffee maker at an inexpensive price in Paris to use in a hotel room? I think someplace like BHV probably sells such things. We would be happy to pack it up each morning and put it away, so as not to offend our hotel keepers. Any thoughts on this? The price of breakfast (when all we want is coffee) at the Muguet and Hotel Clement is pretty high, and it seems like a waste of money.

I appreciate all feedback. Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh

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