Subject: Turkey Questions

I have just decided to join my mother on a Globus Tour of Turkey. Normally I don't do tours so we will hope that I survive this. However, I do like the fact that they will drive and I don't have to. (Driving with my mother praying is not always fun!)

Anyway, I called Delta and was able to book a free ticket to Istanbul for September. (which is pretty amazing considering we are just over 60 days out). My first question is how do I get to the hotel? Does anyone know anything about car services or am I safe in just grabbing a cab? The tour company will sell me a transfer for $20 each way, but I wondered what my other options were.

Also, can you get your visa in advance or is standing in line to deal with this just one of the things you do to go to Turkey?

We have a few days in Istanbul before the tour starts so suggestions on navigating are welcome!


Carol Nashville, TN