Subject: Re: Turkey Questions
Hello Carol,

We were in Turkey in May 2002. You are in for a great time!

You should check on the hotel where you will be staying; ours offered free pick-up at the airport. We were told that a taxi would cost just over $20 Canadian, but when we returned to the airport, they called a shuttle service and we were transported from the hotel to the terminal in a mini-van for about $6 Canadian per person.

You are wise, in my opinion, not to drive in Istanbul. If you are staying in Sultanhammet, you will be close to most of the things that people want to see.

You get a Visa at the airport right after you get off the plane, just before or after Customs. There was no line-up when we came thru and everything went very smoothly.

Make sure that you get to Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, Suleymanyi Mosque, etc. The underground cistern is really interesting. I have a lot of notes that I can delve into if you need specific info.

Best wishes, Collette Saunders Halifax, Nova Scotia