Subject: Internet cafes and the single lady
Hello from Israel,

I have only been a member of this forum for several months and I have not seen any postings about net cafes around the world. As a single traveler, I find that when I need a rest, I am always happy to get off my feet and take a beverage with me into a local net cafe, pay a small fee, and go online for an hour. I know that many people feel that this is vacation time and they do not want to bother with email, but i have been in net cafes throughout Europe and Great Britain and always enjoy looking at the other people and observing the way that the cafe is set up.

I just returned from a 12 day group trip to Slovakia and visited several internet cafes. Don't forget that there are different keyboards in all countries, so one of the puzzles is attempting to figure out how the keyboard operates.

Although I never seem to telephone from the country that I am visiting, I receive mail from loved ones and friends, and am able to post a group letter about the days' activities. It takes some preplanning to set an account that may be accessed from all over the world but I have met some interesting net cafe owners in far off places.

Many hotels have computers either in the lobby or in a business center. The business center ones usually have quite a high fee and the lobby ones may be without charge.

In one that I visited in Naples, one had to order a meal in order to use the machines so I ate my delicious pizza and salad and typed away. As a mature women travelling alone, I feel more connected to my loved ones and a bit less lonely.

Bettina from Jerusalem