Subject: Smithers, BC!
Hi Brenda (from Smithers) and Ziners,

We just returned from a wonderful trip to BC and we stayed in Smithers for a night, too bad I didn't know you were there because we could have had a GTG. We absolutely fell in love with Smithers, and it was pretty hot when we were there several weeks ago. We hiked up to some twin falls that were beautiful in Glacier Gulch. Then we went over to Driftwood Canyon provincil park to view some fossils but they were too far away to see. We loved all of the Provincial Parks in BC, and unlike American neighborhood parks, these stay open a lot longer. We ended up doing most of our hiking from 6 PM to 10 or 11, love the long days. Right out of Smithers we spotted our first Moose...

I will submit a travelogue soon, I've just been so busy studying that I don't have two minutes to relax!

Amelia in Los Angeles