Subject: Re: Paris Hotel Choice and coffee
Hi, Debbie... if you try to book at the Muguet, be sure to book as early as possible, as we tried 3 mos. before we were to go to Paris, and they were all booked up. However, bookings in Paris have been down lately, so that may be different now. As far as the Clement goes, you couldn't have a better location.... you're right about that. We passed it every time we went to the Luxembourg or Saint Sulpice, and of course, stopped at Gerard Mulot at 76, rue de Seine for a pain chocolat :-) I'd like to add the Hotel de Saint Germain to your list. It was inexpensive -- we paid $105 Euros a night -- small but nicely decorated, and the staff was quite pleasant. We had some lovely conversations with the older gentelman who is on duty at night, and he speaks very good English. It is quite well located, being only a few blocks from Saint Germain Blvd and just a short walk straight down the block to Saint Sulpice.

Hotel de Saint Germain 50, rue du Four 75006

Best regards, Sandy in Illinois