Subject: Re: Turkey Questions
Hi Carol

I think you will love Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. It is my favourite city (so far) I enjoyed my first visit (with my sister in law) 2 years ago so much that I am planning on returning with my husband in September. A first for me, I haven't retuned to a destination since our twice yearly childhood vacations in Blackpool in the N.W.England, with my Grandpa at the wheel and my Grandmother and myself in the back saying our prayers! Everyone's suggestions are marvelous, if you are in Istanbul at the right time I would include a visit to the Sema ceremony of the Whirling Dervish. In 2001 they were on the last Sunday of the month but there may also be one mid month now.

Jean and I enjoyed our location in Sultanhamet and taking the, trams, buses and ferries around the city. There are a lot of Turkey photos on our website at and I did write some lengthy reports to the Zine if you care to look them up.

Finally when in September will you be in Turkey, maybe we can have a GTG!

Regards, Sue Toronto ON