Subject: Re: Smithers, BC!
Hi Amelia

Oh, that IS too bad that you didn't know about me. I would have loved to get together with you, put you up for the night and shown you around the area. In addition to Twin Falls and Driftwood Canyon, there is the Telkwa High Road that runs from Telkwa to Morristown. It follows the old telegraph line that ended in Telegraph Creek (much further north from here) once they successfully laid a line under the Atlantic to Europe. The original plan was to go up through Alaska and over to Russia then on to western Europe. We have a wonderful little museum here, as well. Morristown is an Indian Reserve where the Bulkley River crashes through a gorge and they gaff for salmon by anchoring themselves to the rocks with lines and such. Did you go up to the ski hill? I've done the hike up to Crater Lake from there. This is on the back side of Hudson Bay Mountain and the view is spectacular. Regarding the fossils, you can hike right up to the beds if you know where you're going. There is a trail that leads from there into Silverking Basin (into the Babine Range). One of our daughters is hiking in there right now with friends. They will stay up at the Joe L'Orsa Cabin (it sleeps about 15 people) and come back down tomorrow sometime. Very brave since it is pouring buckets today! When, exactly, were you here? During our "heat wave" at the beginning of June? It was 28 - 30 degrees for three or four days in a row. That's HOT for us!

I look forward to your travelogue....and to anyone else on the list--please let me know if you're coming up my way. I love this town and this valley and welcome the opportunity to show it off (can you tell?--lol). We're on the way to Alaska therefore Smithers gets many visitors from south of the border.