Subject: Hi to Mary in Paris
Hi Mary

I'm fairly new here, but wanted to send a short note to welcome you. I have found this group to be absolutely wonderful and I'm sure you'll like it too. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. How do you like Paris so far and how long will you and your family be living there? Paris is the one city I have always wanted to see--my husband and I will be there in September and have booked a hotel on Rue Cler. I have travelled quite a bit in North America, but have never been off our continent. I still find it hard to believe that I will actually be in Europe in just over two months! Right now we're looking into renting a car from Paris to explore Normandy and plan to drop it off in Rome. Just checking prices, drop off fees, etc. After Rome, we'll head to the south of France and Spain. Have you taken any interesting weekend trips to Provence or Languedoc? We're thinking of Arles and Carcassonne as two possible stops on the way to Spain. Well, it's late so I'd better get some sleep--I'm a real night-owl but am trying to break the habit!

Brenda Smithers, BC