Subject: Re: Brugge
Hi Linda and Geoff,

While in Brugge we only dined out one time. We took full advantage of the kitchen facilities in the apartment and prepared most of our meals there. From Brugge we did make day trips to Brussels and Ghent.

In Brugge we had lunch one day at Marieke van Brugge located at Mariastraat 17. It's website is: We were very pleased with our meals which included the Flemish stew and Salmon with Bearnaise. But I would be confident with any of the dishes on the menu. I distinctly remember that my plate was garnished with a small golden fruit I had never had before. It was delicious and so intrigued me that I did some research and discovered it was a cape gooseberry or physalis. I've yet to encounter one since then but have considered planting one in my garden.

At the Wednesday market in Markt square we found some of the best macaroons we've ever had the pleasure of sampling. We strolled outside the tourist center into the more residential portions of the city where we located some neighborhood pastry shops. These seemed to be aimed more at the locals than the tourists and even included some of their own homemade chocolates. Looking at a map of Brugge right now my best guess as to where we were was north of the apartments towards the neighborhood off of the Ezelstraat and St.Joristraati. Sorry I can't be more exact but we were just wandering around the town.

We really enjoyed our day trip to Ghent. In particular we were impressed with the Design Museum Ghent located at Jan Breydelstraat 5 Website: We gorged ourselves on waffles at Max at Gouden Leeuwplein 3. Then later we stopped at The Tap & Tepel at Gewad 7 (just up the street from the Design Museum). A very atmospheric restaurant with bookcases lining the walls, dogs roaming between the communal tables, fire roaring on the hearth, good wine and cheese. See a review at

Finally, when you go into Brussels don't miss Albert Horta's house at Amerikaanse straat / Rue Américaine, 23-25 1060

John in sunny warm San Diego