Subject: Greece
Hello Members of Great Knowledge:

Every year we take at least two trips one of which is usually to Europe. This fall we are off to Scotland and the route of that venture has already been laid out and both hotels and transportation booked. (Thank you, Gail Norris for a glimpse at that album). However, inevitably in the midst of the trip our conversation will turn to where next. None of my little band of adventurers has been to Greece.

So you can help me here. Where should we go in Greece? We prefer to drive ourselves, so what should we do? We will have two weeks to frolic there. Should we start absorbing Ouzo now? Should we start watching Melina Mercouri (spelling?) movies let alone get Zorba The Greek? Should we rent a house for a few days? What was that movie in which the English housewife ran off to Greece with a lover? (She was an actor in "No Honestly.")

Would it not be fun to do a tour completely scripted by members of our Zine (TheTravelzine)? What should we eat? Where should we stay? What basic terms should we know (besides "please" and "thank you")?

This might be fun. Perhaps I could do updates along the way if we get there. Would you like to help us plan now? If so, let's do it.

Tom in Carlisle (well, not really, I am in Chatham, MA, at the moment).