Subject: Re: Greece help -hopefully
Hi Susie:

Where to start? There are usually four of us joined by two from England. Jan and Punkin will research sites of great historical interest. Craig will delve into the food (he is best served by copious amounts of garlic and good wine). I (together with our friends from England) will strive to enjoy the conviviality of the people, the sights, the drink and towns. We like back roads preferring to avoid the major highways. Most likely September will be the month. We will drive ourselves.

Suggest a starting point. I will bring it up on the Route Planner for Europe. Then we have to figure 12 days of adventure. Remember that we do not want to spend 12 days on highways, but rather go from place to place spending a few days here and there.

We can stay anywhere. I think our band prefers hotels.

Thanks. This could be a fun way to plan a trip. Your email is already in my folder and I will be out for a few minutes to buy a bottle of Ouzo.

Tom in Chatham.