Subject: Re: Greece
Hi Lucy:

Of course, Shirley Valentine, that was a great flick. Your suggestions are superb. My band will congregate here on Saturday and I will begin to fill them with your emails. This is to be an interactive adventure. I will keep all us informed as we plan the trip, what criteria we use in selecting the sights to see and spots to visit. As many of us have said before, TheTravelzine is a great place to get good solid advice on planning a trip. For the moment I am going to avoid the FAQ's; that is too easy. We will likely use Frommers, Eyewitness Guides, Michelin, etc., but I am going to push for the Zine to be the main planner. So for those of you who have been to Greece and have advice to give, please give it. I haven't been there and it will be fun to get your thoughts and experiences. I already know that Susie is more athletic than some of our traveling companions, so who among you can recommend a less rigorous, but no less compelling adventure. For instance, where would I go to sit back, sip the Metaxa and try to divine the answers to all life through Greek mythology?

Tom in Massachusetts thinking that Ouzo is not a bad potable; now just where is my Zorba The Greek tape?