Subject: Re: Greece
Hi Ziners,

Exciting things are happening in Greece! We've all heard about the Olympics in 2004 but even more exciting, to me, is the construction of a roadway infrastructure in northern Greece. This enormous project, funded in large part by the European Union, will integrate northern Greece into Europe and eventually put the Greek mainland on the map as a world class tourist destination.

Having traveled the winding, death-defying roadways of northern Greece in the early 70's, I can tell you that Greece will never be the same! Imagine sitting on a bus on a winding, mountain road with no barriers and not being able to see bottom. Once, in the rain, the bus suddenly swerved to the left into the oncoming traffic lane where, thankfully, nothing was coming. The bus didn't skid, the driver deliberately swerved to avoid falling off the narrow road, which the rain had partially washed down the mountain. It was an unforgettably close call.

Here are a couple of web sites about the project:

Tom, consider saving northern Greece for a return visit after the Egnatia Highway construction is completed. There is so much to see in central and southern Greece. You might consider a trip that includes a number of World Heritage sites. You'll find that info here:

I am most anxious to hear what Ziners will contribute to this discussion. Greece was the first European country I ever visited. I literally "knew it when", as we say. It is exciting to watch it prosper.

Cheers! Linda