Subject: Re: Packing......for the man
Hi Bob,

My way of packing for a trip is the male version of Linda's.

Here is how I have packed and traveled for trips of 2-6 weeks using one carry-on piece on wheels and a small shoulder bag. Bear in mind that our travel style is completely casual..

Color coordination is key. All bottoms are black, blue or medium/dark grey and all tops go with all bottoms. This means only one black belt and one pair of black all-purpose shoes (Mephisto's in my case) are necessary, the ones I wear.

I travel in a pair of jeans, a long sleeve knit shirt, a black light weight zip-front polyester vest,and a black 3/4 length hooded rainproof jacket.

In the carry-on are: One pair of jeans, one pair of casual pants, four knit shirts, a black lightweight sweater, 2 pairs of black socks, 3 undershorts, one toiletry bag, and a few sundry items. An umbrella, hat and gloves are tucked into the outside pockets.

All fabrics are washable. Socks and underwear are washed regularly and we go to a self-serve laundry, as necessary, for tops and bottoms.

The shoulder bag contains day-to-day essentials and travel information (hotels, restaurants, guides etc.).

Hope this helps.

Regards. Don