Subject: touring burn-out
Hi Michele,

Michele, thanks for your wonderful travelogue. You certainly covered a great many of the cultural and historical highlights of the places you visited. Barcelona, especially, is calling me - I've got to get there one of these days.

I wanted to discuss your comment "we had reached a bit of a touring burn out". This happens to us also and I was wondering if most people experience this and how they handle it. I am always afraid to take an afternoon nap, which is what I most feel like doing at those times, because I have visions of regressing to the Toronto time zone and having to endure jet lag all over again.

Ziners, do many of you get burned-out during the course of your trips? How do you handle it - do you try to fight it or do you give in to it? What tricks and tips can you offer. Does Melatonin help?

Happy Fourth! Linda