Subject: Re: touring burn-out
Hi Linda,

I think that we always have some burn out when on a trip. I try to differentiate between a vacation, which is going to the beach and coming home rested, and a "trip" which is sight-seeing and running around. When we were younger we would run around all of the time on a trip, and try not to miss anything. I let Parc Guell in Barcelona pass us by, but with warm weather, and tiring, we have learned that you just can't see everything and don't expect to. However, we try!

We went to Europe for the first time the summer after we were married 33 years ago. We planned to be gone for two months. After two weeks in London going to museums, plays, day trips, etc., when we got to Paris for another two weeks, and we saw the Eiffel tower, we said "so what?" The trip ended after 5 1/2 weeks when I got salmonella food poisoning in Greece. We were definitely ready to come home by then.

When we evaluated our trip to Spain, when we were getting tired, we wondered if we should have only gone for 10 days. I think there is a mental set that you are paying for the plane tickets and it is a long trip so you need to make the best of it and stay longer. Also, I have often wondered if it is better to rent a place for a month or longer and just take short trips from a central place. Also, as much as the driving allowed us to see the countryside, it also was an anxiety provoker which added to the "burn out." I will be interested to hear other comments on this subject as well.

Michele Missner, Appleton, Wi.