Subject: France itinerary
Hello Ziners,

You helped me decide on France as a destination--now I'd like to run my VERY tentative itinerary by you for comment.

My daughter and I are hoping to go at the end of Oct-early Nov. From the airport in Paris we'd go south-east to Dijon, Besancon, Lyon, and west to Clermont-Ferrand, Poitiers, Saumur, up the Loire to Tours, Orleans, Chartres, and back to the airport.

Is that too ambitious for 2 weeks? We like small towns, walking a lot, scenery, some chateaux and churches, variety.

It might be our only trip to France, so we want to make the most of it, while not rushing by everythiing. The only places she and I have been together as adults are Bermuda and New Orleans, so it will be quite different to cover this much territory.

Any opinions, advice, must-see and -do ideas, would be appreciated. We are getting together next week to discuss the itinerary, and she might have her own ideas, but I wanted to fine-tune my proposal as much as possible before then.

Regards, Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada