Subject: Re: Packing......for the man

For our 3 week European trip by rail, we each used a carryon (Eagle switchback with the zip off daypack). My husband wore his blazer on the plane (and trains) and wore a pair of Mephistos that were comfortable walking shoes but could double as dressier shoes in a restaurant. That saved room in his bag for less bulky clothes. He brought cool-max quick drying underwear that hand-washed perfectly. He brought a few no-wrinkle quick drying shirts (from Magellan's or Travelsmith, I can't remember).

And I brought along two inflatable hangers, which allowed hand-washed shirts to dry in a flash. We supplemented this with having slacks dry-cleaned at a place on Lake Como, and once at a town in Germany.

So, it was a little work to travel so lightly (no shopping for large souvenirs) but with a nightly routine of hand washing socks, etc. we could travel very lightly, running for trains if we had to!!

Pam in Sunnyvale, CA