Subject: Re: pets on flights

Most often, the pet is your carryon, no matter how much you pay for the privilege of having the little carrier under the seat in front of you.

That said, there is still an incredible gap between what the rule says & what may happend when you check in. If the flight's not very full, you may be permitted the extra carryon. OTOH, especially with smaller regional jets ( which you may be flying from Minneapolis to your final destination), weight & balance is exceedingly important. That's the "template" airlines use to figure the weight of the plane, the fuel, the baggage & the passengers. W & B out of whack, airplanes can fall down. The only way to properly figure the W & B is to make rules for what folks can bring on board.

I have read that DOT is urging airlines to modify the figures they use to populate the template; the numbers they had been using (something like 120 pounds for an adult woman, including clothes & coats!!) were grossly low.