Subject: Re: pets on flights
Hi Carol and Ziners,

You should be allowed two carry-ons. One larger item that goes into the overhead bin and one smaller that goes underneath the seat in front of you. Since your pet will be underneath the seat in front of you, you should be able to take your purse on board but, depending on what your flight attendant decides, you may have to put your purse in the overhead bin.

I would suggest the thinest purse possible and until take off keep it at your feet pressed against your seat behind your calves. During flight the attendants don't care what you have. It's before take-off and landing that you'll need to be discreet.

Worst case scenario, your purse will be near you in the overhead bin during take-off and landing.

Since it's a puppy, and a long way between Wisconsin and Texas, you may want to do yourself, your fellow passengers and the puppy a favor by asking your vet about a sedative for the puppy.

Way to go Gail! You'll outlive us all!

Gregory in Houston